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In Vitro Solutions

Incubator ready MEA recordings

The MEA2100-Mini Series offers a miniaturized in vitro recording system with state-of-the-art power saving electronics and either 60 or 120 channels. Take full advantage of the MCS IFB 3.0 platform in addition to the option for continued use in an incubator. Easily upgradable from one to a maximum of eight headstages per system that can record from neural cultures or brain slices in parallel.

High Resolution or High Throughput

With more than 4,000 recording sites, each sampled at 25 kHz, the CMOS-MEA5000-System allows extracellular recordings at a very high spatio-temporal resolution. By including amplification on the chip itself, noise is minimized and high signal quality is guaranteed.

The Multiwell is the perfect solution for medium to high throughput in vitro electrophysiology. This includes high-quality, low-noise amplifiers, and freely-programmable stimulators. High sampling rates allow your data to be sampled simultaneously at up to 50 kHz per channel. For substance screening, MCS combined the well-known Multiwell-MEA-System with the reliable and cost efficient Opentrons OT-2 pipetting robot to generate the automated MEA Xpress platform.

In Vivo Solutions

Wireless Data Transmission

The W2100 is an all-in-one, wireless in vivo solution for amplifying, recording, and analyzing data from 4, 8, 16 or 32 channels. It includes lightweight headstages with options for optical or electrical stimulation for recordings in freely moving animals and synchronized video-to-data recording.

Tethered Recordings

A complete ME2100 tethered in vivo recording system is perfect for anesthetized or head-fixed animals. This system includes built-in stimulation capability on software selectable electrodes, as well as real-time closed-loop stimulation. Easily upgradable from one to a maximum of eight headstages per system.

Patch Clamp

Complete Patch Clamp Setup

Let us customize your perfect patch clamp rig! Whether manual, automated or both, Smart Ephys can recommend a package tailored to you needs, making your experiments more efficient.
Start with a computer controlled HEKA amplifier that has integrated acquisition hardware. Available with one, two, three or four amplifiers, this hardware product line has advanced integration between interface and software to minimize total recording noise, eliminate compatibility problems and reduce additional equipment expenses and set-up time.

Automated PatchServer

Automate your manual patch clamp setup by using PatchServer! This pipette-based automated patch clamp system combines advantages from the automatic and manual patch clamp approach and can establish whole-cell recording or excised patch configurations automatically.

Cell Biology & Accessories


The Valve Control System (VCS) lies at the heart of a multi-valve perfusion system designed to automate and control the delivery of solutions to imaging and recording chambers. Each valve is individually accessed by a manual touch display, the included PC software, an external analog signal, or an external digital signal. The VCS systems are configured to control up to 8 Pinch, PTFE, or Mini valves.

Warner Chambers

Warner Instruments provides a large variety of chambers from imaging and recording baths, to temperature and perfusion control.



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