Developed by Nobel Prize winners Erwin Neher and Bert Sakmann, this trusted technique is used in electrophysiological studies of ion channels in tissue sections, individual living cells or patches of cell membrane.

Voltage clamp or current clamp technique is performed in any type of excitable cells, mostly neurons, cardiomyocytes, pancreatic beta cells or muscle fibers. Experiments include slice-recordings, single-cell-layer-recordings, in vivo-recordings, whole-cell-recordings, and single-channel-recordings.

Manual Patch Clamp

No matter whether your experiment requires whole-cell, cell-attached, inside-out, outside-out or perforated patch, it is important that you have a fully functional set-up and the best support. Smart Ephys can provide you with a complete patch clamp set-up, from anti-vibration table, high-quality amplifier, puller, microscope, and faraday cage to temperature control and perfusion systems. You can get the complete set-up from one source and trust in the expertise of our team.

Automated Patch Clamp

Want to increase the throughput of your experiments or improve the reproducibility of your manual recordings? We are proud to offer an add-on tool that automates the manual patch approach for all cell types that can be kept healthy in suspension. The PatchServer is able to establish all recording configurations known from manual patch clamp, but does it automatically with either 1 or 4 channels.


Manual patch clamp set-ups are configured according to your needs by our sales team. Please contact us for a quote.