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Smart Ephys combines the expertise and experience of three companies: HEKA, Multi Channel Systems, and Warner Instruments. We provide solutions for all areas of electrophysiology from one source. As a trusted partner in your laboratory, we look forward to finding the right solution to support your electrophysiological research in toxicology.

Being a division of Harvard Bioscience, we are proud to meet you at SOT together with our sister company DSI.

Data Sciences International is a pioneering biomedical research company focused on systems physiology and pharmacology. The recognized global leader in physiologic monitoring, they offer telemetry, instrumentation, and software and services that help advance science. DSI provides solutions that are tailored specifically to meet the unique research needs of their customers.

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Your Research Application

  • Extracellular stimulation and recording
  • High throughput electrophysiology and liquid handling
  • Low-Noise Single-Cell & Whole-Cell Recordings
  • Capacitance measurments in exo-/endocytosis studies
  • Simultaneous stimulation & recording from multiple cells
  • Nanopore measurements
  • Photometry & imaging combined with Ephys
  • Epithelial transport
  • Two Electrode Voltage Clamp (TEVC)

Your Benefits

  • Reliable data from reproducible experiments
  • Versatile, user-friendly software
  • Partly or fully automated experiments for higher throughput
  • Robots designed for ease of use at every knowledge level
  • Allows your highly qualified personnel to focus on science rather than routine work
  • Reduced additional system expense
  • Shortened set-up times

In Vitro Solutions

Multiwell systems are used with neurons or cardiomyocytes both primary, or more recently, from derived stem cells for high throughput to investigate toxicological effects or subtle changes in neuronal activity or cardiac beating behavior. Coupled with MEA Xpress our automated liquid handling platform you will have your experiments pipetted promptly and exactly.

A miniaturized in vitro recording system used in the last steps right before animal experiments, using cells, tissue cultures, or more often with acute slices to investigate drug effects on, for example, synaptic plasticity. Take full advantage of the option for continued use of all headstages in an incubator. Easily upgradable from one to a maximum of eight headstages per system.

Oocyte Research

Our Roboocyte2 is a fully-automated all-in-one solution for medium throughput screenings of ligand-gated and voltage-gated ion channels, as well as electrogenic transporters based on the well established Xenopus oocyte expression system. All necessary tasks are accomplished by a single robot. The automation of TEVC recording revolutionizes pharmaceutical drug discovery.

HiClamp is the ideal solution for TEVC in Xenopus oocytes, when working with minimal compound volumes. Instead of applying solutions to the oocytes, the HiClamp carries the cell from one compund to the other, thereby featuring minimal compound usage, while providing very fast drug application.

Physiological Monitoring Systems

DSI’s cutting edge for inhalation exposure system puts dosing in your hands. Whether you are exposing a virus like COVID-19, tobacco smoke, vape smoke, drug compounds, or other substances, ensure subjects receive a precise, consistent dose.  The Accumulated Inhaled Aerosol (AIA) parameter, exclusively available with the DSI Buxco system, tracks deposition in the lung using respiratory endpoints, creating high-quality, reproducible studies.

DSI’s implants and external telemetry are designed for acquiring data from conscious, freely moving laboratory animals, providing stress-free data collection while enhancing animal welfare. Implantable telemetry and JET are offered in various sizes to support a range of research models, including mice, rats, dogs and non-human primates.

Collect respiratory measurements from conscious or anesthetized animals with the option to restrain them or allow them to roam freely in a whole body chamber. DSI’s Buxco line of respiratory solutions supports animals ranging in size from mouse pup to primate.

Patch Clamp

Let us customize your perfect patch clamp rig! Whether manual, automated or both, Smart Ephys can recommend a package tailored to your needs, making your experiments more efficient.

Automate your manual patch clamp setup by using PatchServer! This pipette-based automated patch clamp system combines advantages from the automatic and manual patch clamp approach and can establish whole-cell recording or excised patch configurations.

Cell Biology & Accessories

Warner Instruments provides a large variety of chambers from imaging and recording baths, to temperature and perfusion control.

Optimially designed for both electrophysiological and diffusion-only measurements the system is compatible with HEKA’s powerful UssingChart hardware and software.



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