Find out what the Harvard Bioscience family has to offer at the first FENS virtual Forum!

Harvard Apparatus is a major US manufacturer of specialized physiological research laboratory equipment with current headquarters in Holliston, Massachusetts, serving your research needs since 1901.

Being a division of Harvard Bioscience, we are proud to meet you at FENS together with our sister companies HEKA, MCS and Warner Instruments.

Smart Ephys combines the expertise and experience of three companies: HEKA, Multi Channel Systems, and Warner Instruments. We provide solutions for all areas of electrophysiology from one source. As a trusted partner in your laboratory, we look forward to finding the right solution to support your electrophysiological research.

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The Harvard Bioscience Family at FENS 2020

Harvard Apparatus and Smart Ephys

Solutions for electrophysiology and physiology research

DSI and Panlab
Solutions for telemetry research, pulmonary solutions and behavioral research!

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In Vitro Solutions

MCS combined the reliable and cost efficient Opentrons OT-2 pipetting robot with the well-known Multiwell-MEA-System to generate the automated MEA Xpress platform for substance screening.

A miniaturized in vitro recording system with state-of-the-art power. Take full advantage of the MCS IFB 3.0 platform features, in addition to the option for continued use of all headstages in an incubator. Easily upgradable from one to a maximum of eight headstages per system.

In Vivo Solutions

All-in-one, wireless in vivo system solution for amplifying, recording, and analyzing data from 4, 8, 16 or 32 channels. Includes lightweight headstages with options for optical or electrical stimulation for recordings in freely moving animals and synchronized video-to-data recording.

A complete, tethered in vivo recording system for anesthetized or head-fixed animals. This system includes built-in stimulation capability on software selectable electrodes, as well as real time closed loop stimulation. Easily upgradable from one to a maximum of eight headstages per system.

Physiological Monitoring Systems and Pumps

Harvard Apparatus offers safe and reliable monitoring of animals during surgery.  The Physiological Monitoring System allows you to measure multiple physiological parameters on one single platform.  These include temperature, heart rate, SpO2, blood pressure an EtCO2.

Harvard Apparatus syringe pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications including neuroscience, mass spec calibration, drug and nutritional studies, macro to micro reactors, electrospinning, and microfluidics. We are featuring our Pump 11 Elite Nanomite Stereotaxic Syringe Pump. A precision stereotaxic guided syringe pump that provides pinpoint accuracy into specified brain regions.

Patch Clamp

Let us customize your perfect patch clamp rig! Whether manual, automated or both, Smart Ephys can recommend a package tailored to you needs, making your experiments more efficient.

Automate your manual patch clamp setup by using PatchServer! This pipette-based automated patch clamp system combines advantages from the automatic and manual patch clamp approach and can establish whole-cell recording or excised patch configurations.

Cell Biology & Accessories

Warner Instruments provides a large variety of chambers from imaging and recording baths, to temperature and perfusion control.

The VCS-77 is a unique system that enables a user to rapidly select between several perfusion reservoirs, saving time and effort. The system is comprised of a Perfusion Fast Stepper (SF-77C) and a Mini Valve Control System (VCS).


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