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What area of your research can we advance?

Your Research Application

  • Low-Noise Single-Cell & Whole-Cell Recordings
  • Single Cell oxygen mapping
  • Capacitance measurments in exo-/endocytosis studies
  • Simultaneous stimulation & recording from multiple cells
  • Nanopore measurements
  • Photometry & imaging combined with Ephys
  • Amperometric & voltammetric detection of metabolites and biomarkers
  • Cellular Imaging studies
  • Study of cell signalling (ROS/RNS)
  • HR Cell morphology mapping
  • Two Electrode Voltage Clamp (TEVC)

Your Benefits

  • Reliable data from reproducible experiments
  • Versatile, user-friendly software
  • Partly or fully automated experiments for higher throughput
  • Robots designed for ease of use at every knowledge level
  • Allows your highly qualified personnel to focus on science rather than routine work
  • Reduced additional system expense
  • Shortened set-up times

Patch Clamp

Complete Patch Clamp Setup

Let us customize your perfect patch clamp rig! Whether manual, automated or both, Smart Ephys can recommend a package tailored to your needs, making your experiments more efficient.
Start with the heart, a Warner Chamber, and add a computer controlled HEKA amplifier that has powerful integrated acquisition hardware. Available with one, two, three or four amplifiers, this hardware product line has advanced integration between interface and software to minimize total recording noise, eliminate compatibility problems and reduce additional equipment expenses and set-up time.

Automated PatchServer

Automate your manual patch clamp setup by using PatchServer! This pipette-based automated patch clamp system combines advantages from the automatic and manual patch clamp approach and can establish whole-cell recording or excised patch configurations automatically.

TEVC in Xenopus Oocytes

Compound Injection

The Roboinject is the first and only commercially available fully automated robot for compound injection into oocytes, eggs, and embryos using industry standard 96, 384, as well as custom well plates.

The automation of cell injection not only saves time and money but also greatly enhances reproducibility of injection and survival of cells.

Automated Oocyte Screening

Our Roboocyte2 is a fully-automated all-in-one solution for medium throughput screenings of ligand-gated and voltage-gated ion channels, as well as electrogenic transporters based on the well established Xenopus oocyte expression system. All necessary tasks are accomplished by a single robot. The automation of TEVC recording revolutionizes pharmaceutical drug discovery.

Turning Electrophysiology Upside Down

HiClamp is the ideal solution for TEVC in Xenopus oocytes, when working with minimal compound volumes. Instead of applying solutions to the oocytes, the HiClamp carries the cell from one compund to the other, thereby featuring minimal compound usage, while providing very fast drug application.

Cell Biology & Accessories


The Valve Control System (VCS) lies at the heart of a multi-valve perfusion system designed to automate and control the delivery of solutions to imaging and recording chambers. Each valve is individually accessed by a manual touch display, the included PC software, an external analog signal, or an external digital signal. The VCS systems are configured to control up to 8 Pinch, PTFE, or Mini valves.

The computer-controlled perfusion selection system with full automation is perfect for applications such as patch clamp and cellular imaging studies.


Warner Instruments provides a large variety of chambers from imaging and recording baths, to temperature and perfusion control.


In biological systems, many processes involve the release and uptake of chemical species, such as oxygen, reactive oxygen species, neurotransmitters, or ions. The qualitative and quantitative study of these processes give new insights on how biological systems work and on the overall state of cells. Nanoelectrochemistry offers powerful bioanalysis tools in the fields of biophysics, electrophysiology as well as neurochemistry where either electrical currents or chemical species can be detected. Scanning probe techniques enable in-situ label-free molecular and cellular imaging as well as the study of cell morphology.



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