Advance Your Research
with Smart Ephys

Whether you work with oocytes, iPSCs, slices or cardiomyocytes, make sure you get the perfect tools to help you improve and accelerate the pace of your discovery.

As a trusted partner in your laboratory, you can get custom-tailored, complete set-ups for

  • Manual and automated Patch-Clamp
  • High-throughput ion channel screening
  • Automated TEVC in Xenopus Oocytes
  • MEA-Systems for extracellular recordings using microelectrode arrays
  • Electrochemistry scanning probes
  • Imaging/recording chambers, perfusion and temperature control systems
  • Electrophysiology tools such as capillary glass, coverglass and vibration isolation equipment

Smart Ephys research devices and user-friendly software

  • Save you time, allowing you to focus on your research
  • Are top quality at competitive prices
  • Provide the complete ecosystem for your research needs

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